Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fallen in love with the North of England

Well, what a wonderful week in the Lake District.  Unspoilt beauty, deep snow and lots of sunshine plus really good hunting ground for interesting bits of vintage.  It was like being in heaven for the week. Not only did we enjoy the Lake District we also fell in love with Morecombe Bay and Whytwick Manor in Wolverhampton.  We found ourselves saying that Northerners must feel exceedingly smug when they hear us Southerners believe that we have the best of everything.  We certainly do not, life in the North of England (and even the Midlands) seemed pretty wonderful to me.

Anyway, I came back with two huge boxes of stuff and here is just a little to whet your appetetite for the Vintage Bazaar at Hartley Whitney on the 27th April.
I found this lovely picture of poppies dating back to the 1930's.  There is a full history of the artist and his work on the back of the picture and it seems that Jean Phillippe Markovitch (the artist) lithos were published and distributed throughout the world.  The printing is so good that many people believe that they have an original.  As I have all the information about the lithos on the back of this picture I am assuming that it is not an original!  However, it is a delightful piece of artistic work and certainly brings with it a much needed feeling of summer. I am selling this lovely picture for £15 - a real bargain.   I also found this traditional enamel coffee pot, the exterior being in immaculate condition and the interior showing signs of many a cup of coffee enjoyed from it. £10.90. There is also a lovely Vintage Indian bedspread £8.50 and needless to say, I have gained a large collection of Beatrix Potter books (£3 each). Well, it would be hard not to collect these delightful books while in the Lake District.                                                                  
 I also did some good vintage clothes hunting.  Found some lovely bits including a Laura Ashley wool crepe jacket from the 80's, a Norman Linton 1940's tea dress and a lovely design crepe dress which would be simply wonderful for those hot summer days I am sure we are going to have.   I've got loads more than this to take to Hartley Whitney, just in the middle of pressing them all at the moment.  

I didn't want to forget the men either and had loads of fun finding lovely vintage silk ties.  I've collected quite a few and just hope I can persuade several men to button up their top button and put back the tie!  It will be an uphill battle I am sure, but these beautiful ties are too lovely not to be seen and I am selling them from £2.50 each. 
So, now its busy times ahead.  I've still got some lovely china to sort out, some vintage children's clothes, linen, jewellery, shoes, hats and on and on. And I have another 2 weeks of scouring the area to bring the very best of vintage goodies to share with you.  Please come along.

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