Sunday, 21 July 2013

It's been so long.....

I feel so bad for neglecting my blog but after my time away searching for goodies I managed to put my right hand out of action which has made typing (amongst most other things) pretty impossible.   However, I now realise that I am off to France in the next few days to spend a month camping and searching my favourite markets for interesting and wonderful objects for the autumn.  

I have managed to do a couple of fairs (using mainly my left hand) and was pleased with the success of some of my newest finds which just flew off the stand.

Every fair seems to bring buyers who fall in love with different things.  Generally, for the last few months
tea sets seemed to be back in favour again and I have sold all styles of them to people from all over the world. 
In the red roses of the Midwinter set I sold the coffee set, tea set and dinner service within a few hours of having them.  Like Marmite, people either loved it or hated it!
The traditional hand painted Victorian tea sets were as popular as ever and the rather elegant bone china tea sets were also very popular.  It is amazing how many foreign buyers are drawn to our old English tea sets.
 Luckily I have spent 5 days searching around Somerset and am pleased to report that I have another good collection for the September Antique Fair at the Bath and West and at the Vintage Bazaar in Devizes on the 30th August.

What I have not managed to find is a replacement for the wonderful Somerset Apple Orchard oil painting which I sold in the first five minutes of the Fair being opened.  I loved it and the lady who bought it loved it even more!   I was sorry to see it go, especially right at the start of a fair as it was a good crowd puller.  Unfortunately, despite hours of searching numerous auction houses I have not yet found anything similar to replace it, but  I'll keep searching.

Another fella I was sad to say goodbye to was Dobbin the horse.  He had obviously been lovingly made for a family child and although his mane was tatty, his tail thin and his saddle worn out but the love he had known in his life so far shone through.  As he headed off to the north of England I was very pleased to know that he had found an owner who was going to carry on giving him the love he deserved.

As ever, at the Antique and Collectors Fair, my collection of studio pottery sold well.  I really enjoy meeting true ceramic collectors who know so much more about the pots than I do and are always happy to share their information.  I am learning fast but I am still really only at the stage of knowing what I like and buying that.  As so many dealers buy my studio pottery from me I know that I have a lot to learn about pricing it - however, for anyone looking for a bargain I guess I am a good stall to visit.

Must dash now, off to the Shepton Fleamarket, one auction left to go and then it's France here I come.  I hope you have a really good summer and I look forward to showing you some of the interesting objects I know I am going to find in France.

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