Sunday, 9 June 2013

Busy searching the UK and Europe for goodies

It's been so long since I have written anything but I have been in Wales, Cornwall and London searching for interesting objects to take to the next Antique and Vintage Fair at the Bath and West Show and tomorrow I am off to Italy to continue my search.   I have to admit to having a pretty good time while doing all this, its definitely not all work but then what is life if its all work and no play?  Its a serious business though trying to find lovely objects at the right price.  Recently in Somerset and Devon prices at auctions seem to have risen to daft levels, charity shops charge more than I do at the Fairs and boot fairs are full of ex-Ikea stuff and rarely have anything interesting anymore.  So, its vital to scour every possible source in every part of this country and any other countries that I can get to, if I am to keep my stock as fresh and exciting as I like it to be.
Anyway, all my recent finds are now prepared for the next show and I don't want to preview them at this stage.  However, while I am away I thought I would bring your attention to a new shop which has just opened in Shepton Mallet.  Its full of vintage furniture, clothes and all kinds of objects to enhance any interior.  Its run by my good friends Belinda and Wayne and I know that they will give you a big welcome if you fancy going to look at their treasures. 
Just pop along to No. 21 at 12 Market Place, BA4 5AZ.  Please note that this is the correct address the one on the web is the address of the old shop!

A visit to No. 21 is definitely worthwhile and you could even go before or after your next visit to me at  the Antique and Vintage Fair at the Bath and West Showground on the 5th, 6th and 7th July.
So, I'll be off now to see what I can find in Italy to charm and delight you and then I'll be back for the show and then off to France for a month at the end of July.  You can't say that I don't work hard to find those objects which are a little different and very special! 

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