Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Away from home

Just had a lovely few days scouring charity
 shops on the south coast to search for lovely things for the Vintage Bazaar in Devizes on March 2nd.  Pretty successful really.  Visited 23 shops in 2 days, and am thrilled with everyone of my finds.

As well as lovely vintage things I also managed to find some interesting bits for the next Fleamarket at Shepton Mallet on the 24th February including a vintage plate stating 'A present from Bristol'.  It feels good to be bringing it back home!

It felt really good to do my treasure hunting in a different area for a change and the south coast was pretty unknown  to me.  I shall definitely have to go travelling again soon to find some more unusual objects for my collection. Its strange how different areas seem to have different things for sale. I need to be careful though as  my storage container is full to the roof at the moment.

After my treasure hunting I headed back to London, ladended with bags, baskets, cases and goodness knows what else. I definitely had the look of a 'bag lady'.

However, I can never be close to London without taking in one or two exhibitions.

The best I saw this time was AMONGST HEROES - the artist working in Cornwall  - at Two Temple Place, London WC2R 3BD.  An amazing exhibition venue and one well worth visiting just to gaze in wonder at the interior. 

The Victorian property complements any exhibition staged there and the paintings in this exhibition were really exciting plus there was so much information about the fishing industry in Cornwall (and loads of new words learnt for Scrabble).

Tucking a School of Pilchards - The Tuck Boat. Percy Robert Craft, 1897
Penlee House Gallery and Museum

Finally, I headed off to the Royal Academy to see the Manet:Portraying Life exhibition.  Hectically busy and wonderful if you love portraits.  There were many pictures which I had never seen 'in the flesh' before and it was good to get close to look at techniques etc. And being at the RA did remind me that I MUST get to the Summer Exhibition this year.

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