Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shepton Mallet Fleamarket

Yesterday was the first of the Shepton Fleamarkets.  I saw quite a few of my regulars, which is always nice and also found some new clients. I sold some things I was sad to see go and others that had been around for a bit.
Two interesting items sold - all my jugs and basins, which I rather thought had gone out of fashion and two old, and not partiuclarly charming, upright chairs which are now on their way in a container to Japan!  As everyone says, in this business, you never know what you will sell - which I guess is why its so much fun.

You might recognise my assistant as the young girl at the top of the blog (somewhat older now).  Lottie is a great help to me at events and is learning the business fast.  She says that the wages make it all worthwhile, so I guess she hasn't got my dedication when I often seem to be doing the business for love rather than profit! 


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  2. Must come and see you next time....amazing, all the way to Japan Bx

  3. Very nice blog, good luck. I will be back!