Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A busy Antique and Vintage Fair at Bath and West Showground

Well, the gales blew, the rain poured but still I had a really busy fair.  Friday started quite slowly (maybe the £10 entry fee deters many people from coming), but Saturday and Sunday were full of people, and really lovely ones at that!  As usual at these Fairs, I sold loads of furniture on the Sunday which is always a wonderful relief - saves loading it all back into the van!  Four lovely tapestry covered chairs went off to  central France.  An occasional table went to Paris, a wall rack went to Japan and all the rest stayed within the UK (as far as I know).  Its always fun to find out where the things I collect because I love them, finally end up.
I met lovely people, had loads of fun and despite getting wet and cold (unexpected in May) I had a really good 3 days.  Then I needed to spend Monday and Tuesday viewing and buying at auction to replenish my stock ready for the next show.  Watch this spot, I've found some good things already.
One of my first sales were the lovely Dutch children.  I was sorry to see them go, but they did go to a very good home.   Vintage pictures were in demand, as were all pictures.  I sold loads over the weekend.
 As you can see, we even had a little sun but it was defintely a case of catch it if you can!
The stoneware bready crock, the tribal pot, the pine chairs, the step ladders and all the pictures seen here all found good new homes.
 I had to say goodbye to the charming small oil painting and to the very elegant tea set and the silver plated tea pot.  Its new owner was going straight home to make a cup of tea in it!
The lovely cake tray went off to Japan and much of the retro stayed quite local  I still have the lovely Art Deco mirrors but everything else in this picture is now sold.
 I love this vintage tea set and was surprised that it didn't sell. Surprised but not disappointed.  It is always sad when my favourite bits sell really quickly!  I rather like to enjoy looking at them for a couple of fairs!

 Victorian dinner services were not in demand at this show, but I did sell rather a lot of it in March.  I still love it all and have already bought some more to take with me to the next Antique Fair in July.
The Deco shelving unit was commented on a lot and I had loads of people who were going to come back to buy it on Sunday, but someone decisive got there before them and off it went to its new home.  It was a lovely piece and I am going to struggle to find anything as good, but I do like a challenge!
So all in all, a really good show and I am so looking forward to the next one.  The searching out of things to sell is just as much fun as the selling.  And then there is the re-upholstering, painting, sewing and other jobs to be done to enhance some of the things I buy.  I am rather glad that my collection will not be out in public again until the 3-5th July at the Antique Fair. It will give me time to get some real goodies ready for you. 
See you then........

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