Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Preparing to be vintage

This week has been hectic.  Van still in intensive care.  Decided to empty container and move all my stock items to a storage space in a friend's house.  Thank goodness for the loan of a friend's van and her strong arms!  Just trying to get up the energy to move everything from the ground floor to the first floor. 
In between this I have been preparing for the next vintage bazaar.  I really like having the three different kinds of stock - the antique, the fleamarket and the vintage.  Having lots of fun scouring the charity shops, auctions, people's houses, markets etc. etc. to find some really lovely things to tempt everyone with.

Thought this little hat would be a good start to Easter.  It may not actually be an Easter bonnet, nor may it be the lovely fur hood that we probably need.  But it is a little bit of vintage nonsense and really rather charming.
The Liberty Recipe and Menu book, Visitors book and Photo frame are all rather nice pieces and in immaculate condition.  It seems that most of the world still loves this Liberty design, which is no surprise.  I only wonder why they do not still make the lovely purses, glasses cases and other bits in it.
I shall be selling the Liberty bits from £7.50 and the hat at £16.   They will not be on show anywhere until the Vintage Bazaar so I am hoping you might like to come along to buy one of them or something else that I may have to tempt you with.

And then just to remember that it is still Easter this weekend I thought I needed to find a rabbit to sit in my lovely old Provencal bowl.  Even though it will be after Easter before I appear in Hartley Witney with my vintage collection, he will still be with me.  The bowl will be for sale at £12 and little bunnykins will be sad to be sold at £4.
I am going to take a break from blogging as I am heading up to snow bound Cumbria to enjoy a wonderful spring break in the Lake District.  Somehow I imagined daffodils and warm sunshine when I booked it, but it seems as though it may be log fires and toboggans.
Should I be able to get out and about without skis I will be continuing my search for lovely Vintage pieces and interesting antiques.


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