Friday, 19 April 2013

Some interesting studio pottery

Life seems to have been very hectic recently.  I have been selling so much fabric on line, its been a lot of fun.  However, I will still have some really interesting bits to take to the Vintage Bazaar at Hartley Witney on the 27th April.  I also had a coup the other day and got hold of some large remnants from a retired upholsterer.  I think I'll take some of the lengths to the Antique and Vintage 3 day Fair at Shepton on the 11th, 12th and 13th May.
My other find this week that I really love is this Norwegian studio pottery.  It is so retro and really stunning.  I shall definitely be taking it to the Antique Fair, it is so unique and beautiful.

The four pieces are lovely together but each stands well on its own.  Somehow there is a real vitality to the design and I've nearly talked myself into keeping at least one piece!  
The large platter is 12 inches across, the pair of vases are 8 inches high and the small dish is 6 inches across.  On the vases and the little dish the banana appears on the side not showing.
It is an interesting design - why bananas, apples and multi-coloured cherries?   It really reminds me of designs created in the 1950's in the UK.  I have no idea when these pieces were made although each has its own registration number on.  If anyone can throw any light on these ceramics please let me know.


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