Antique and Vintage

We have antique shops, markets and websites and nowadays we have vintage shops, markets and websites. But so often its the same stuff in both of them. With people getting more and more price conscious antique shops have definitely tried to widen their offering by adding stuff that is less than 100 years old.
However, do you have to expect to pay more for a vintage item bought with the antique label ?

100+ years old or just too old to be new - surely what matters, unless we are investors, is that we like the object and want to own it.

At Moments Remembered I really don't care about the age of what I buy, if I like it you will find it in my collection - that is, unless I've just sold it!

These collections combine antique, vintage, second-hand and new things that I love and because its now so long since the summer - the odd silk flower or two to remind me that Spring will come one day.

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