Interior Makeovers

Most of my life I have spent 'making do'.  There have been the odd few years when I was able to use builders to restore a home or two and able to buy some special furniture.  But mostly my interiors have been about making do. 
I started renovating houses 40 years ago - buying them at auction, doing them up, furnishing them and offering them for sale as seen (complete with all furnishings).  It was great fun and I learnt a lot.  Throughout my working life I have always had a house or two ongoing as a project.
I believe that a house must fit its owners, not just for lifestyle but it must suit the personalities of those who are going to live in it.  Most importantly, every makeover must have a budget and within that budget I have found that everything is possible.  All it takes is vision, searching, a few skills and a lot of passion.
Let's go inside .........
Whatever the entrance to your home I believe that it is important to make it feel right for you.  Coming home must always be a moment which stirs your heart.  Posh door, humble door - just make sure it feels good to enter.... and nothing about this costs money, it is just about getting it right for you.
Interiors of my last home in France

I had to totally remodel this one and had lots of fun doing it.  The feel had to be cool, calm and comfortable - outside it was nearly always bright and hot.  Gentle colours and a peaceful look were important.  I bought some new furniture for this house but much of it came from my earlier home in France.
Interiors of a water mill in central France
This home was in a very remote and lush part of France.  I wanted to create a lot of warmth within the house and a cosiness for the many times I was there on my own.  The work was all done by myself and friends and the furniture was from junk shops.  This was another property which I had to remodel as it was an inudstrial building when I bought it.


Interior of my Georgian cottage in Somerset 
This house just needed furnishing.  Luckily much of it came from previous homes and the rest has all been bought for a few pounds from auctions.  I have restored a lot of the furniture and altered some of it that I brought back from France to fit into a Goergian home.
Now I don't have a project on the go but find myself at auctions seeing amazing furniture sell for next to nothing and wishing I had a house to makeover - perhaps you would like yours done?
Please contact me if you would like me to come and look at your house and see how to make it feel like your home.  You can be sure I won't be charging 'inteiror designer' charges and the first consultation visit is totally free.



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