Courtyard Design

Welcome to my little courtyard

In France I had big, big garden spaces and always regretted that I could not fill the space with plants.  Moving to Somerset I found myself with a tiny space that was used for parking a car.
I set to and had a wall built, railngs put in and moved the car out into the street.  Then this small space was mine to do exactly what I liked with and when the sun shines again and the spring flowers start to bloom I will load images of my very special courtyard space. Meanwhile these are a few of the garden corners I have worked on.

Having created many gardens and a courtyard for myself I am now ready to offer a courtyard design and preparation service.  Obviously the cost will depend on what you want done but one thing is for sure, I look for inexpensive ideas and solutions, so its probably worth me coming to see what courtyard project you would like to have done. There is no charge for my visit.

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